Government Criminologist Leif GW Persson on Expressen Internet: Could be Policemen, could be a Conspiracy behind Palme Murder!

21.2.2011. For The Sunday Times, Foreign Desk.

With the 25th anniversary of the death of Swedish Premier Olof Palme approaching (Feb 28) , the Swedish State´s own Criminologist, Professor Leif GW Persson, is causing sensation on the ”Expressen” internet service by saying that responsible for the Palme Murder could have been ”police, a conspiracy”, and Persson – generally called by his first names ”Leif GW” – adds to the high echelon confusion by declaring that ”Christer Pettersson was not Palme´s murderer”.

After Leif GW´s drastic revelations, the landscape is rapidly changing. Conspiracy? Police? No Christer Pettersson? Swedish media, which have so far let ”private sleuths” toy with the police/conspiracy hypotheis, are feigning amazed, and so far it is only the Expressen that has offered comments.

In to-day´s issue, former District Attorney with long standing in Swedish law debate, Sven-Erik Alhem, notes that ”this may alter public opinion about Christer Pettersson”, while my author colleague Gunnar Wall stresses the need for new solutions among the police investigators, while another author colleague, Kari Poutiainen, is, as before, doubtful concerning Lisbeth Palme´s selecting Christer Pettersson, who had already before the court´s confrontation been pointed out to her as an alcoholic.

It is to be noted that the Expressen, in yesterday´s and to-day´s printed editions, does not allow Leif GW to speak about ”police” or”conspiracy”; the big liberal tabloid refrains from printing their sensational internet story.

Other media are apparently still hesitating, but ”independently conservative” morning daily Svenska Dagbladet signals full Palme coverage Tuesday. The main impact will probably follow shortly. Who will fall? State Attorneys, Heads of Police, Judges? The Government itself? Which, with their predecessors, have kept quiet for a quarter of a century?

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