14.2.11. Sunday Times, Urgent: My telephone has broken down, apparently since last Friday.

If your reporter wants to reach me, ask him to try 46-18 15 12 79; my son´s number, he speaks English! Sorry to have to trouble you. Yours sincerely


For the Sunday Times Palme Murder Reporter; please hand over!

Dear Colleague, I write to-day to the Swedish Attorney General. I openly accuse Anti Avsan of the murder of Olof Palme. My letter concludes:

My murder accusation against Anti Harald Avsan would of course either gain or lose in credibility if the decisive information about the murder´s seconds and minutes at Dekorima, and about the events that followed, were scrutinized in Court. These documents /EH 14839 to EH 14839-43 and EH 14879-6/ have, with few exceptions, never gone to Court; they have only been noted by the National Criminal Investigation Police and since then been kept under lock, not available to the public.

Secrecy: yes. But of course not for the Government´s Attorney General. I ask you to act! I ask you to tackle my accusation against Anti Harald Avsan for the murder of Olof Palme! Should the Attorney General find that my accusation is false, I ask you to say so. Give me an answer!

Sven Anér

There is, as yet, no answer from the Attorney General. The Criminal Investigation Department, its Law Section, has denied me access to all still secret documents mentioned above, among them all police interviews with Anki, Anneli, Avsan and the gym visitors; here lies practically the whole murder substantiated. But invisible.

Yours sincerely

Sven Anér, Karlsrogatan 85 A, S-752 39 Uppsala, Sweden. (460)18 15 12 79.

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