To the European Union

To the European Union

Viviane Reding, Commissioner

175, Rue de la Loi

1048 BRUSSELS. Belgium.

Also for: The Swedish Minister of Justice, Beatrice Ask, S-103 33, Stockholm, SWEDEN.

Madam Commissioner – This is to inform you that the Prime Minister of Sweden, OLOF PALME, on the 28th of February,1986, was assassinated by Swedish Police Officer AVSAN, Anti Harald. Avsan is to-day a Judge at the Stockholm Primary Court and a Conservative Member of the Swedish Parliament.

The assassination took place under the auspices of the Stockholm Police Force, and the search for an assassin has mainly been a matter of form. Avsan was once heard, in 1993, but never as a suspect, and he was never confronted with the two young women who saw ”the man at the Dekorima Corner”, as he was afterwards called.

The investigation that has taken place led mainly to the charging of a totally innocent person, Christer Pettersson, framed by the prosecution and police authorities in charge. In spite of the massive effort of the entire corps of prosecutors and police officials backing the charge against him, Pettersson was eventually and unanimously acquitted by the Court of Appeal.

As an investigating author and journalist, I have covered these proceedings since the night of the murder. I have published several books and news bulletins (see the first pages of my book ”Palmemordet: Affären Anti Avsan”, in Swedish, enclosed), and, in the second edition of this book, 2009, I openly accuse Anti Avsan of being the perpetrator of this assassination.

The main reason for my writing to you, Madam Commissioner, is the almost unbelievably cavalier manner in which the Swedish Government and its subordinate authorities have handled this very black affair. Thus: no one within the Swedish Administration has ever accused me of spreading lies in this affair, no one has ever said that Avsan did not kill Olof Palme. I have, on the other hand, been, in writing, ominously warned off this obviously dangerous territory by the State Prosecutor´s office, an action which is of course contrary to the Swedish Constitution.

The Authorities to-day hide important documents, in their possession, which reveal suspicious circumstances concerning Anti Avsan, and they also conceal written evidence that proves the blatant irregularities of the accusations against Christer Pettersson.

I have several times written to Anti Avsan, at his Riksdag adress, asking him to charge me with libel if he should feel thus disposed, but to no avail; he has never answered me.

Madam Commissioner, I urgently ask you to investigate this affair, which covers the violent death of a Prime Minister and the shady transactions performed by the Swedish Administration itself, in a comprehensive cover-up.

As a professional author and news reporter, I find the harassment and persecution of myself as wholly unworthy of a country which calls itself a democracy. Breach of the constitution in order to hide a police trail, which opens up the assassination of the country´s leader, a trail that leads to the high-ranking assasssin - a series of events which may appear unbelievable but is true.

My own problems are, however, of course not the most important, now that Swedish honour is being torn to pieces. I read to-day about the transgression action considered against France against their Roman population. You, Madam, call this action on the part of France a shame. I call the Swedish activities a shame, an ignominy. A disgrace.

Sweden´s Murder of Olof Palme, with all its gruesome trimmings, is indeed a transgression. A European transgression.

I give two official Swedish registrations, which will lead you right into this affair:

APAL-428-122/10, a police registration, and JK 118-10-21, ”JK” being Sweden´s Attorney-General.


15.9.2010. Breaking News! When I am writing this report to you, Madam, new information is appearing, hitherto unknown, which casts further black shadows over the events that I describe. I ask you to please read carefully. I shall be brief:

One of Sweden´s to-day best known actors, Robert Gustafsson, visited as a young student the ”Grand” cinema during the same performance of ”Amadeus” as the Palme couple. A few weeks ago, Robert Gustafsson revealed in a radio inteview that in connection with this visit to the Grand he and his three student friends had observed ”several men with walkie-talkies around and in the vicinity of the Grand”.

Gustafsson mentioned in the interview that he is reporting about this incident in his forthcoming memoirs, (English translation ”From Cradle to Deadline”); the book will appear September 22 this autumn. Apparently one of Gustafsson´s main reasons for writing this book was the walkie-talkie incident.

I received to-day, from the Swedish Criminal Investigation Department, the two reports covering police interrogations of Gustafsson, 1986-03-17 and 1986-04-04. But according to these two reports, nothing is said by Gustafsson about men with walkie-talkies. It says specifically, twice, that ”Gustafsson saw nothing of interest when leaving the cinema”.

This is interesting indeed. Walkie-talkies were, according to the police, seen on certain occasions in connection with the murder, but never, as we have been hitherto told, near the Grand cinema. Gustafsson´s information about police tools like walkie-talkies seems very clearly to indicate the existence of a police trail. Walkie-talkies of military design can, by no stretch of the imagination, be connected with the drug and alcohol addict Christer Pettersson, allegedly responsible for the Palme murder affair.

And extremely confusing is, of course, the fact that Gustafsson, in this radio interview and in his forthcoming book, says ”I saw several walkie-talkie men”, while interrogating police insists that ”he says he saw nothing special”.

I am now trying to locate Robert Gustafsson, who is at the moment producing a play in Gothenburg. I hope to receive to-morrow an advance copy of ”From Cradle to Deadline”, and I will translate for you the walkie-talkie part in a coming letter.

I am also writing to the Swedish police asking who is right: police or Gustafsson. Should the Swedish police have deliberately doctored the interrogation reports, a very grave situation indeed is forming.

I ask you, Madam, to immediately order your assistants to look into this matter. If the murder of Prime Minister Olof Palme, an internationally well known and respected politician, was deliberately handled by the Swedish administration against every rule, this implies a transgression which the European Union cannot ignore.

Short CV: Sven Anér. Born 1921. BA 1946, Stockholm School of Economics 1947, with the Dagens Nyheter Editorial Staff 1948-62 (Moscow Correspondent 1960-62), Swedish Radio & Television 1963-71, since then, and to this day, freelance TV producer, author and investigating reporter, covering i.a. the nuclear problem 1970-80, the ”ESTONIA” wreckage from 1994, and thus the Palme Affair, 1986 - . (See also list of works in book encl.)

I shall look forward to hearing your comment! One of my colleagues a few hours ago heard your voice over the Swedish radio and was impressed!

Yours very sincerely

Sven Anér, Öster Edinge 271, S-740 10 Almunge. 46-(0)174- 500 66.

./. Encl. Book

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