The Palme/Avsan Affair – the Documents

To The International Criminal Court, Box 19519, 2500 CM, The Hague; Netherlands. Also for His Excellency Carl Bildt.
Your reference: OTP-CR-250/10.
Addendum to letter from yesterday, 22.9.2010.
Sirs, The true Palme Murder situation is as follows; I hereby give the formal background:
No 1: The murder was prepared and executed by high echelon civil servants within the Swedish administration.
Background described in openly published letter, under Police registration  Ai. 448-93.
No 2: The perpetrator of the murder is Anti Avsan, then a Stockholm Police Officer, to-day a Judge at the Stockholm Primary Court and probably reelected Conservative Member of the Swedish Riksdag /Parliament.
Background described in, among other documents, Ai. 1010-92, EH 14879, EH 14879-1, EH 14839-B. There are in all more than a hundred official Police documents covering Avsan´s activities. I have repeatedly asked the authorities to release these documents but in vain. See also APAL-428-14310.
No 3: The coup was led by the Stockholm Chief of Police, Hans Holmér, with the close assistance of P G Näss, second in command of the Swedish Secret Police.
Background Holmér/Näss described in ”Granskningskommissionen”, pp. 106-112.
No 4: Scape-goat was Stockholm suburb alcoholic and drug addict Christer Pettersson, alleged to have appeared at 23.15 hours outside the ”Grand” cinema and to have been spotted by prison crony Roger Östlund. But Östlund, according to five police witnesses, did not arrive at the Grand until 23.30.
According to Palme/Pettersson Police minutes III:1. Lantz, Olofsson, Wängstam, Eriksson, Engström.
No 5: Allegedly secretly overheard and recorded telephone call between Östlund and drugs dealer Sigge Cedergren 23.15 – 23.21 from pay telephone in the Grand lobby can never have taken place, since Östlund had at the time not yet arrived at the Grand, and since Cedergren was at this point of time not in his home. Alleged written telephone record falsified as well, by the authorities.
Police minutes 28.2.1986, 2386/093027. Cedergren: KB 10393-1.
The above records and minutes may all be requested from and delivered at short notice by the Stockholm Police Authorities. RPS, Box 12256, S-102 26, Stockholm, Sweden. The Police can, if they so wish, immediately release for your perusal also the Avsan documents.
Yours very sincerely
Sven Anér, Öster Edinge 271, S-740 10 Almunge, Sweden.

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