Blatant Police Fraud! Summary in English

Summary in English
23.7.2012. Swedish documentary author and free lance news reporter Sven Anér affirms, in  a letter July 20, 2012, to the Swedish Attorney General, that the Swedish Police doctored the document where Stockholm hospital ”Sabbatsberg” stated the official time of the ambulance´s arrival, carrying Swedish Premier Olof Palme, who had then not yet been declared dead.
The last digit of the official Palme admittance card, probably originally digit 8, has been falsified into digit 5, thus shortening by three minutes the time of the ambulance drive from the ”Dekorima” corner in Stockholm City to the Sabbatsberg Hospital.
This blatant fraud makes havoc of the entire murder time schedule hitherto presented.
I an asking the Finnish and Danish Authorities for their assistance in outlining this Police fraud, which could rip this over 26 year old and officially unsolved crime wide open.
I shall also formally approach the European Commission and the United Nations.
The Swedish Attorney General has registered this errand as: 5090-12-21.

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