For The ICJ, Järntorget 78, S-111 29 Stockholm

May 5, 2011.

For The ICJ, Järntorget 78, S-111 29 Stockholm.

Sirs, I wish to report an errand in connection with the assassination, Feb 28, 1986, of the Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme:

During the judicial hearing of accused Christer Pettersson in the Spring of 1989, the Swedish National Attorney introduced as evidence an alleged telephone tapping record which was meant to demonstrate that witness Roger Östlund, prior to 23.15 on the night of the Olof Palme murder, could watch Christer Pettersson outside the Stockholm cinema the ”Grand”.

I enclose copy of this tapping record which, on pages 2-3, records the conversation ”Roger – okm – Sigge”, page 2 ”IN 23.15”, page 3 ”23.21”.

This tapping record was used as the strongest piece of evidence against Christer Pettersson, who was alleged to have spotted Olof Palme and his wife at the ”Grand” cinema before 23.15 and subsequently hurried down to the ”Dekorima” corner of Sveavägen and shot Olof Palme.

But the whole thing is a spurious construction, since Roger Östlund did not arrive at the ”Grand” until 23.30, according to five reliable witnesses, heard by the police. Thus, since Östlund arrived at the cinema 9 minutes after the murder (which took place at 23.21), Östlund cannot have spotted Christer Pettersson at the cinema before 23.15. Pettersson was subsequently freed, but the tapping record was never officially criticized.

This series of circumstances, which has never been formally refuted, only suppressed, shows according to me that the tapping record must have been faked in order to form crucial evidence against Christer Pettersson. The faking must have been performed jointly by the Swedish National Police (”Rikskriminalpolisen”) and the Swedish National Attorney´s Office (”Riksåklagaren”). The object has obviously been to blame Pettersson for the murder he never committed.

The real murderer is, as I state in my book (enclosed) ”Palmemordet: Affären Anti Avsan”, the then Police Officer, to-day Stockholm Judge and Conservative Member of the Swedish Riksdag Anti Avsan. My statement in this respect has never been contradicted by Police or National Attorney, only ignored, in spite of my repeated questions as to the truth of my accusations.

I thus ask the ICJ Commission to adress this vitally important matter, so that the solution of this murder could, at long last, materialize. I hope to hear from the Commission in the nearest future.

A copy of this letter is to-day being forwarded to ”Riksåklagaren” and ”Rikskriminalpolisen”, respectively, (without enclosures).

Yours very sincerely Sven Anér, Öster Edinge 271, S-740 10 Almunge. 0174-500 66.

Staff Reporter Dagens Nyheter 1948-62, Swedish TV SVT 1963-1971, free lance TV producer, journalist and author (see list of works in book enclosed). Latest book on the Palme Murder theme, ”DE SAMMANSVURNA”, ”The Conspirators” will appear May 31.

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