Actor Gustafsson´s unmasking of walkie-talkies surrounding Olof Palme was suppressed

October 6, 2010

Actor Gustafsson´s unmasking of walkie-talkies surrounding Olof Palme was suppressed – New evidence from ”Grand” cinema comes to light - Palme assassination and aftermath is being run by the Swedish Government - 24 years of criminal Swedish administration disclosed – Swedish moral ruin can only be internationally rebuilt!

For The International Criminal Court, Box 19519, 2500 CM, The Hague, Netherlands, ref. OTP-CR-250/10, and for

The European Union, Viviane Reding, Commissioner, 175. Rue de la Loi, 1048 Brussels, Belgium.

Recipients of this message!

This is an urgent appeal. Actor Robert Gustafsson to-day stated that he, when heard in 1986 by Swedish police, said that he had seen at least two men with walkie-talkies in the vicinity of the ”Grand” cinema, Stockholm City, which he had visited at the same time as Prime Minister Olof Palme and wife, immediately prior to the assassination of Olof Palme.

But the transcripts of Gustafsson´s two police interviews hold no mention of these walkie-talkies whatsoever.

Grave conclusions must be drawn. It has obviously been in the interest of the Swedish administration to conceal the existence, near the place of the assassination of Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme, Feb 28, 1986, of men with walkie-talkies.

Why? Was it not in Sweden´s interest to disclose all facts concerning this murder that stunned the country, shook the world? Obviously not. Instead, high echelon politicians, prosecutors and police have done all in their might to describe this murder as the work of a lone alcoholic, not as a conspiracy.

I have also, to-day, been able to examine three hitherto never disclosed police interviews from the ”Grand” Cinema immediately prior to the murder, where a group of three unidentified men become noticed by film viewers for their refusing to to tell the time, when civilly asked. ”Don´t bother me, I have other things to do to-night!” one of them exclaimed.

Were these men standing on guard? Police never tried to find out.

A mysterious grey van and its route, near the ”Grand”, has also been identified by three other separate witnesses, but in this case as well the trail has been left hanging.

The three possible walkie-talkie-men and the mysterious grey van, seen by in all six different persons, have thus until to-day been kept under lid and never shown to the Swedish public. I have to-day, as the first person ever, outside the state nomenclatura, read the hitherto hidden documents, and I strongly react: important evidence concealed for almost 25 years! 192 Grand-goers were heard by police, 32 of these interviews were published in1989, but the remaining 160 have been kept in the police vaults – until to-day, when police have been forced to release them, upon my request.

Why the secrecy? Because Olof Palme was, in fact, shot by a policeman, Anti Avsan, to-day a Judge at the Stockholm City Court and re-elected Conservative Member of the Swedish Riksdag. At least twenty of Avsan´s colleagues were hired to help him do his job and to safely disappear from the scene of the crime.

This is the true story of Sweden´s most spectacular crime ever, a story which the Swedish authorities have never denied, in so many words, but have left without comment. My very strong accusations have never been taken to court, which I have on many occasions suggested.

To-day, however, the curtain is being raised, and the full tragedy is being disclosed. The Swedish administration, from top to bottom, is shown responsible for this dastardly crime, leaving Sweden as a moral ruin.

The present Swedish Government is not in a position to save the country. Help must come from the outside, preferably, according to my view, from one or two of the recipients of this message.

I urgently beseech you, The International Criminal Court, and The European Union, Viviane Reding, EU Commissioner, to act promptly in aid of a Member State which is losing its foothold.

One of the tasks before you must be the substitution of the present prosecutors and police officers, now going through the motions of a police inquiry, for a group of honest and reliable international experts.

Time is running out!

This letter also goes to the recently re-elected Swedish Minister of Justice, Beatrice Ask, to the head of the Over-all Preliminary Palme Murder Inquiry, Vice Prosecutor-General Kerstin Skarp, and to the Head of the separate Palme Police Inquiry, Superintendent Stig Edqvist.

The Hague and Brussels! Suppressed walkie-talkie evidence, and the like-wise, until to-day, suppresssed ”Grand” evidence, rips the doubly tragic Palme Affair wide open. Action is desperately needed, from The Hague, from Brussels!

Sven Anér, writer of books and articles about the Palme Murder (the first book called ”The Police Trail”) since 1986. Practically none of my statements have ever been refuted, only hushed up.

Yours sincerely, in a moment of Swedish national crisis,

Öster Edinge 271, S-740 10 Almunge, Sweden. (460) 174-500 66 or (460) 18-15 12 79.

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