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Den 11 maj intervjuades jag av medarbetare i Youtube, live-filmning cirka 45 minuter. Gå in redan nu och kontrollera om inslaget finns utlagt på Internet!
Jag inledde med en resumé på engelska, enligt nedan:
Summary in English, Youtube 11.5.2012.
This is a Summary in English of my presentation in Swedish of the Assassination, Feb 28 1986, of the Swedish Prime Minister
Olof Palme.
This assassination, still officially unsolved, was conceived and perpetrated within a group of persons, stemming from the highest echelons of the Swedish Administrative Society.
The Murderer is, in fact, the then Police Officer
Anti Avsan,
to-day a Judge at the Stockholm Court of Justice and also a Conservative Member of the Swedish Riksdag.
Whenever I, as investigating journalist, have asked Chief Investigating Police Officers whether it was, in fact, Anti Avsan who killed Olof Palme, I have received the reply:
”We cannot tell you, this information is still classified.”
The Swedish Authorities have always maintained that the Palme murderer was ”a lone person,with no assistants whatsoever; the murder coming as a total surprise for everyone.”
This is certainly not the case. For instance, a matter of two minutes before the fatal shot, at the murder site, two young Swedish and Finnish speaking women addressed, in Finnish, a man whom Anki, one of the two, recognized,  to ask what time it was. They overheard this conversation:
Man Anki knew from a North Stockholm gym, in his walkie-talkie: ”I am being watched! What should I do?”
The other voice:” They are coming now. Do what you have been told!”
But it took the Anthorities over seven years to start interrogating Stockholm Police Officer Anti Avsan, the outcome of this interrogation being held classified to this day.
An official Avsan photo identifies him as a frequent gym visitor, but Avsan was never confronted with the two witnesses. 6 photos of young men were shown to Anki at one stage, but none of the photos were of Avsan.
Olof Palme´s wife,Lisbeth, has refrained from giving a complete record of her activities before, during, and after the murder. Allegedly, she was superficially hit by the murderer´s secomd bullet, but there is no formal evidence to prove this allegation. For instance, no special medical examination was undertaken, always compulsory.
Since this second shot never hit Lisbeth Palme, she will have been an accessory  both before and after the fact, and the clothes presented as worn by Lisbeth Palme, and sent for scrutiny to Swedish, West German, and US crack laboratories, must have been prepared surreptitiously by Swedish Police Officials, either before or after the murder of Olof Palme.
I recently published, in Swedish, the documentary book (free translation) ”The Clair Obscure of the Murder Hits Lisbeth Palme”. This book has, so far, met with no comment, official or otherwise. News media will not touch this red-hot affair.
A letter which I received May 10, the day preceding the filming of this presentation, tells its own story
The letter comes from the National Criminal Investigation Department in Stockholm, and reads:
Sven Anér
We have received Your letter 27.4.2012, registered as APAL-428-110/12.
We are sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with the answers that you have received, but the Palme Inquiry is still under way, and, as we have told you before, we cannot comment the views you put forward.
Ann-Helene Gustafsson
The reply is pathetic. It does not matter how i phraze my questions, the answer comes out the same:
”Is Anti Avsan Olof Palme´s assassin?”
”We cannot comment the views you put forward…”
Så långt youtube-resumén.

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  1. Oh God help me!

  2. Hej Sven!
    Jag har nyss sett intervjun, den var intressant.
    Jag kan inte jämföra mig med dig, du har jobbat med det här sen 86, jag är född 85, men jag har under ett par år intresserat mig för det här mordet och utredningen. Jag har köpt och läst 2 böcker av dig, jag har läst mordgåtan av Gunnar Wall, sett allt som Lars Borgnäs, Ashberg,tv4 har gjort, dokumentärer och diverse utfrågningar av folk runt utredningen. Jag köper dina resonemang kring Avsan men, hur många kan rimligt vis känna till den verkliga sanningen bakom det här? Borde inte nån någon enda gång läcka? i något testamente eller liknade åtminstone. som jag tolkar det i intervjun med dig är det en hel drös med personer som vet..?

    för övrigt vill jag bara säga att det är strongt av dig att fortsätta efter alla år som gått.
    /mvh Frank


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