EU: Undersök Palmemordet!


For Olivier Tell, Esq., European Commission, Directorate General Justice, Head of Unit B 1: Judicial cooperation in criminal matters.

Also, indeed, for Vice-President Reding.

Madam, Sir, I come back to the very serious Olof Palme murder incident. I enclose the latest book on this subject which I have just written, ”DE SAMMANSVURNA”, ”THE CONSPIRATORS”. I would very much appreciate if this book were translated or introduced as a precis in English.

I state, in ”THE CONSPIRATORS”, that Prime Minister Olof Palme, on February 28, 1986, was shot by then Police Officer, now Swedish Judge and Conservative Swedish Member of the Swedish Riksdag, Anti Avsan. As you know, Anti Avsan has never denied his part in this assassination, nor has he sued me for slander.

And it is to-day more evident than ever that the Swedish Administration is not even trying to uphold the myth of ”the lone murderer”. My book has been delivered to the civil servant in charge, Vice National Prosecutor Kerstin Skarp, whom I asked for comment. I have received no comment, no denial or disclaimer whatsoever of the many  facts that I introduce. The Swedish Administration is hoping for eternal silence, that is all.

In this situation, Madam Reding and Mr Tell, old rules no longer apply. The Swedish administration, including all offices from that of the Government downwards, openly flaunt reactions from the Swedish people, also, obviously, possible reactions from the European Commission.

You noted, in your letter of April 12 that ”Member States are responsible for the day to day administration of their justice systems” – well, yes. But what is right now happening in Sweden is not a day to day matter, it is a unique matter of highest national and possibly also international importance.

I formally beg you, high representatives of the European Commission, to look into the matter and, for a start, request scrupulous information regarding these infamous series of events. The Swedish European Commission Embassy will furnish you with all necessary information.

Yours very sincerely Sven ANÉR, (Summer address): Öster Edinge, S-740 10 Almunge. Sweden. (46) (0)174-500 66. (Also fax).

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