Did 15 well-known Swedish men lie behind the Murder of Swedish Premier Olof Palme? Swedish Attorney General and Police Authorities to-day do not deny, but refuse to investigate!

24.4.2014.For The SPIEGEL Verlag. Hamburg
Swedish State Security Agent Ulf Lingärde, in 1992 compiled a list of 15 well-known Swedish men, allegedly conspiring in the Palme Murder Case. Lingärdes paper became known within the Swedish Administration in 1993 (possibly 1992), but it has never, not to this day, been looked into, scrutinized. None of the 15 men – some of them to-day dead – were ever heard by the Swedish State Criminal Police or The State General Attorney
Ulf Lingärde´s original handout, formally registered by Police in 1993, can to-day no longer be found, and the Criminal .Police now turn to me, their staunchest opponent, for help.
Had the Lingärde Papers been fully published and made known to the Swedish Public, the whole width of the Palme Scandal would have been, nationally, and internationally, disclosed in 1992-93.

Such is the story as it stands to-day. I now enclose dossier, introducing the facts and the facts have hitherto been alleged – such as they are known to me to-day. The language is Swedish, but I know that Swedish is not unfamiliar to the Verlag. I have been in contact on earlier occasions.
I now ask you, The Spiegel Verlag, to look into this matter, which is the Scandal of Scandals in Sweden, is rapidly becoming one of the Scandals in the World.
Yours very sincerely.
Sven Anér, Karlsrogatan 85 A, S-752 39 Uppsala. 018-15 12 79.
Jounalist, Writer, has covered the Palme Story since 1986: Films, Books, Articles, Magazine, 1993-2011, (PALME-Nytt-News), my present Blog:
Encl. Article: ”Det mörka Palmemordet vid vägs ände”: ”The Sinister Palme Murder Being Finalized”. And other Articles, also in Swedish

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